Traffic Blackbook 2012 Review-Chad Hamzeh and Matt O’Connor May Be On To Something?

Written on:December 29, 2012
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Missing Traffic Blackbook, Or Do The Mafias Have It?

Traffic Blackbook reviewHow could there be a Traffic Blackbook? No, this is not your usual traffic on the road. This program was designed and developed by two online marketing extraordinaire Chad Hamzeh and Matt O’Connor. As I open their email invite, I was struck, who wouldn’t? The letter started with Dear frustrated friend, — Yes Mr Chad Hamzeh called me his frustrated friend, but as a bonus he promised me information on how to get that massive online traffic into my website. The program itself looks promising, but with so many scam marketing offers out there, does this program really work?

The Sales Page

You see, the sales page of Traffic Blackbook discusses how  the author of the program Chad Hamzeh discovered the source of this massive traffic (for the first time in my life, I have read through the whole sales page, with tears running on my face. No, not quite).  Yes, I have read through the whole sales page, (the sales page is good enough for me, it screams not Scam!.) Chad Hamzeh taught me how beautiful the beaches in Thailand are and how it’s suitable for people who have the money to splurge. But, most importantly he was very clear on how his program works and why online marketers must use it. Sales affiliate programs have gone big, big enough for some to scam people out of their well earned money. Big enough for “bonus” to come up just by signing up with your email. The problem is, you don’t know which one is genuine and which one will run with your money.

How does the Traffic Blackbook Work?

The Traffic Blackbook will teach online marketers how to tap into that free massive traffic into their website or affiliate site. This is the most important thing in online marketing, getting that free massive online traffic and getting these people click on something and eventually buy something. The one thing I like about the sales page of Traffic Blackbook is its sense of genuity, it does not promise you just 10 minutes of work everyday, but it remains on the fact that you will need to work on your program for hours for you earn more money. It does not take advantage of the fact that most people today are too lazy to work (I admit to this). The program sells for $47 with 60 day money back guarantee (this is the part I check on first). The traffic Blackbook 2012 (by the way this is the updated edition) consists of several modules on techniques and tactics that aids online marketers and affiliates to get access to the “traffic”. Chad Hamzeh said that search engines are not just the source of traffic, and he will reveal this info on the modules.

Is it suitable for you?

That’s a question you have to answer, will you invest time on it? If you plan on investing your time through the modules included on Traffic Blackbook and practice what you learn. Then you may have the chance to make it through. After all, your fate does not entirely depend on this program, it also depend on the choices you make and how you make your wrong to become right (see, how the sales page changed me? I’m a whole new person!)


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