The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine Review- Another Gimmick By Dan Kennedy?

Written on:December 12, 2012
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Is Ultimate Lead Generation Machine New?

The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine ReviewIf some of you are wondering where Dan Kennedy is, well wonder no more he has returned with his “best” creation yet and its called The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine (melodramatic music please). Aren’t you glad that he is back? Well, I am hopeful. You see, I love hearing or reading success online marketing stories. People earning money online through organic traffic from Google (yes Google, some of us still manage to, even you have turned your search engine into a circus). Okay, now that I have ranted out about Google,  let’s continue with our main topic. Of course, let me just acknowledge two of your biggest questions: Is this a scam and are there any bonus that we can expect from this offering? Well, read on to the succeeding paragraphs.

Let me just tell you what this program is all about. It is a collection of videos discussing how to earn money online with, one and only Mr. Kennedy. It launches on October 8, 2012, don’t forget to mark your calendar for those of you who are interested. So, the first video is entitled Taking the lead with lead generation and will feature the top most experts in lead generation. Obviously, this video will teach those who sign up how to make money out of their leads (if they already have some) or how to grow your leads with simple but grand tactics. The second video entitled The Million-Dollar Machine Blueprint Mr. Kennedy himself, spilling his secrets on how to build a lasting online business. He will also teach online marketers how to effectively convert your site visits into money. Comes the third video with title: Inside the Machine, in this video students of Dan will talk how they’ve use the Machine to generate income which fulfills their online marketing strategies. Of course, they will spill some secrets, but I doubt they will tell all the tales.

The final video is entitled Owning Your Leadflow, in this video Mr. Kennedy will talk about how to OWN your leads and convert each and everyone of them into a sale. Sounds like great right? There are other things he will discuss and hopefully it will also tackle how to defeat the Penguin, Panda and all the animals Google can think of. So, basically, you will pay Dan to know things he know which made him a millionaire. He will teach you on how to tap into great things the online world can offer. A word of caution though, before you sign up, please make sure that you are 100% ready to listen and take notes, cause I think that’s all you have to do. Now, if you think that you are not ready yet for this big thing I hope you think it twice, I’m not a big fan of the guy but you will read GREAT things about him in forums, blogs and almost everywhere, of course there are some that he has disappointed.. So if anyone of you decide to >>sign up and you’ve learned new things from The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine by Dan Kennedy, leave us a review below and we’ll happily post them for you.

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