The Intervestor By Chris Jones-One Of The Most Awaited Internet Marketing Programs In 2012?

Written on:December 31, 2012
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Intervesting Through “The Intervestor”

The Intervestor reviewThe Intervestor launches and everyone is excited (I can see some of you my dear readers rolling your eyes, and saying scam under your breath.) Now, if you read through this review a little bit, I’ll make sure that you understand what this program is all about. The Intervestor by Chris Jones is one of the most awaited internet marketing program due to launch this year (mark your calendar June 5 is the date.) Why am I very optimistic with this program? Yes I admit, I am very optimistic with Intervestor, and I’ll tell you about it shortly (Disclaimer: I don’t get any bonus for saying nice things about this program!)

I understand I left a question hanging because of my optimism. So to answer, why am I very optimistic about The Intervestor? To answer you directly, it’s because the program is unique, okay it’s not that unique, if the gauge of uniqueness is 100%, I’ve read about the idea on internet marketing forums in the past. When I say unique I am talking about the whole program itself. Chris Jones, put together a program where people can use this “idea” with several resources to become successful in Intervesting.

What is the Idea behind The Intervestor?

Okay, before you utter the most hurtful word in the internet marketing world (scam), let me give you a brief background of the program. The idea of The Intervestor is for all internet marketers (seasoned or new) to find a domain or a website that would have a greater value if developed a little bit and then sold to interested parties. How do you do this? This will be done through the Intervestor, you will use the tool and the things you learn provided with your sign up (You’ll have to pay attention to the webinar!)Once you find a domain or a website, you will develop it a little bit through the programs provided to you by The Intervestor and you sell it to anyone who is interested. Okay, for those who didn’t understand I’ll give you an analogy: Imagine an old house with some broken parts, you as an investor will buy the house and fix the broken parts. After you’ve done the improvements you sell the house in a higher market value. This is like how The Intervestor work, simple yet profitable (they should use that slogan)

Are you excited yet?

Well, if you are not ecstatic and drooling with excitement, that’s fine, in fact you shouldn’t. I implore you to do your own research about Chris Jones and his The Intervestor program. As usual, this program is not for free, in fact it around 1k. But, let me tell you, I have this feeling that this program will be a big hit among new and seasoned online marketers (not that I can predict the future!) I said this because the idea is fresh, well defined and possible. The only thing you just have to remember at all times with online marketing is, you have to invest your time and money at the beginning until the end, if you really want to earn some money. Don’t trust those that promise you income without doing much work, they’re probably a scam or would ask you to sell drugs!


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