Social Commissions Review-Is Adrian Morrison A Smart Man?

Written on:January 19, 2012
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Social Commissions — Not an idiot’s guide to social climbing

SoSocial Commissions Reviewcial Commissions by Adrian Morrison is another program that leverages on how social networking sites can become one of the biggest internet traffic source. If you have read some of my previous review on this type of program, you’ll know that I am not a big fan of social networking sites but it is an undeniable fact that these websites are here to stay (for now.) So, if you asking if this is another scam, you’ve come to the right place. I will help you decide in this Adrian Morrison review, if this program is for you or not and what are its weaknesses and strengths. As a bonus, I will share with you some stories about myself (In case you don’t know I am a very socially relevant person at par with the Pope, Queen of England and the President of the US). Going back to what we are talking about, this review will be based on my deduction of facts, arguments and information that are available at the time of this writing.

Like what I have mentioned on my previous posts, social networking sites are still big this year and most probably until next year or even up to doomsday. If you have used social networking in the past (in case you are just learning to use a computer today), social networking sites bring people together which creates interaction (most frequently social networking war). Big multimillion dollars companies know this and they have leveraged on social networking to grow their following and sales. If you have a small business wanting to grow big, you most probably are looking into other means of growing through the help of the internet (Do not deny it. You are here because you are looking for ways.) Well, Social commissions by Mr. Morrison can be the key to your success. This program is a compilation of resources and webinars that will help business owners (and social networking dummies) to build a successful social networking campaign (I am guessing Facebook for you?) So, this compilation of resources and webinars promises to train you and give you the right idea on how you can become a successful social networking entrepreneur. I just noticed something, Did you notice how all internet marketers now try to get free stream of traffic from all sorts of sources? Is this because GOOGLE is becoming too drunk with the traffic it generates? Hmmm. I was wondering, will someone take them to court already? I am thinking what if there is  a dragon update? Which makes Google the top organic result for all searches made on their site? That would be hilarious. Maybe George Browns Google Sniper 2.0 could help you in this area…

So, is this program for you? Or is this simply a Adrian Morrison scam? If you are looking to sell something and dedicate your time to the training? Probably. But, I am thinking it’s still best that you do your own research before paying. Check on Adrian Morrison’s credibility as an internet marketer and as a social networking Guru he claims to be, once you have done that then, you can sign up for Social Commissions on July 23rd.

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    I have seen this video which helps me to get clear concept about Social Commissions by Adrian Morrison.

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    bottom line let me know how much will it cost me to make ( decent) amount of money from home? beleave me when i tell you i’ve tried just about all of them out there i just know there has to be one the could be for real

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    It’s been about 6 months and I never received the promised refund.