SkyBuilder Review-ANGRY BIRDS?-Did Greg Jacobs Ruffle Feathers?

Written on:December 9, 2012
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Greg Jacobs – SkyBuilder… But the skies are already built?

SkyBuilder Review

Greg Jacobs Skybuilder

Hey guys, my apologies for not posting reviews as often as I like, like you I was busy. Anyway, to make it up to you (and I’m not scamming you on this), I will review a relatively new product Skybuilder by Greg Jacobs. If you haven’t heard of him, search Hallmark Mage the first thing you’ll read is how Mr. Jacobs burned a guy claiming hardly truthful “facts” as stipulated by the replies he got. Back to the topic, have you noticed how everything today has an app (apps for your tablets, smartphones and browsers)? If you are a smart phone user, with more than few apps installed in your phone, then you know what I mean, if you don’t let me explain in detail. Apps is the abbreviation of the word applications, these applications or programs run on small gadgets like phones and tablets, which are based on the operating system of the device. Apps (specially the free one’s) are now being used to market a products and businesses. Here is a bonus trivia: There are at least 500,000 apps or applications in the Android market today, same as the number of apps in Apple’s app store (yeah, that trivia is useless).

Anyway, if you have used some very useful apps in the past, you understand that this mobile technology is here to stay, and this is what SkyBuilder leveraged on. The program will allow you to build any number of apps, and earn money in two ways. One way, is by building applications for offline local businesses in your area. Option 2 is by building niche targeted applications that you can sell almost anywhere (or give away free). Here’s a thought: Angry birds (one of the highest downloaded app for Android) started as a freeware and has now become a billion thing. Almost every kid in US know what the application is all about (clue: it’s a game). Before I forget, let me remind you that this program launches on the 10th of July this year (it pre-launched on July 5th). There are 2 purchase options, 1 year license or a monthly license. Okay, let me be perfectly honest with you, I think this product has a future specially if the user has some idea on what to build and who to build it for. I’m not saying that noobs do not have future in this, if you are a noob and plan to (dedicate some time on this program), I think, you can be successful. I do not believe in easy money, there is just no program that does this (trust me). But, if you are not on the lazy train, there is no non-digital or digital product that can help you. So, what do you think so far? You know what? There are times that I wish there was an app that remembers everything that you copied or an app that measures the caffeine in your blood stream or something. Can somebody build me one using the Skybuilder?


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