Site Sales Webinar Review-HORRIBLE IDEA?-Mike Filsaime's Sitesales Program

Written on:December 26, 2012
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Site Sales Review-Do You Really Need This To Succeed?

site sales webinarSo, today I watched SiteSales webinar, have you heard about this program? Well, if you haven’t let me tell you something about it. It is a product in collaboration of a person named Norman Freeman and Mike Filsaime (I’m sure you have heard of Mike he launched several online tools in the past..Like..(Evergreen Business System). Anyway, before we proceed let me ask you, how many of you have been scammed in the past? I’m pretty sure most of us have been one way or another. I am asking because I want you to keep an open mind about this review, and deduce all the information I give you today as an online marketing experts. If you have been a seasoned online marketer, you know how important your landing pages are. You also understand that your website is your bread and butter, ensuring that it works flawlessly each time is very crucial. Knowing how to drive massive traffic into your site is a bonus (if you know some SEO techniques).

Alright, so if you already have a website which you sell some digital products on, you understand that keeping it up costs money… If you have multiple websites, I can just guess that you are spending on it like $1000 up to 10 grand a month. Okay, this review is now sounding like a sales page, so I’ll stop there, I was just blown away by the webinar of SiteSales that I watched earlier today.  Let’s continue where I left off, how much do you spend a month, and what type of skilled person do you hire? The purpose of this program is to replace those people that are working on your site and let the program do what these people do for you. This program will allow you to build a landing page (a website if you want), host the video in your landing page,  you can also add a secured cart, integrated social media capability and take emails from your prospective clients or clients who’ve already decided to buy your online product. Okay, for the newbies, this could be a lot of information. The creators of the program, ensured that they have designed the program to work with drag and drop functionality, so you don’t have to worry about your website’s codes (you can be as non techie as I am). Just drag and drop the features you want and it’s there. Usually if your sales pitch is through videos, you have to worry about video hosting, through this program that is well taken cared of as well. All you need to pay for is the yearly subscription $99 (yeah, that’s yearly).

What do you think so far? Okay, I must admit that I sound a little optimistic about this product, I am inclined to say, yes I am.  I also ask sometimes ask myself why? I think it’s because I haven’t seen an online marketing program as sophisticated as this yet, and my faith in online marketing products is as good as restored (if it does what it says it does). By the way, SiteSales has launched and is being offered for $497 (one time fee) and $99 (monthly subscription). Tell me if you have used>> the product << and how it went for you.


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  1. Waclaw WOJCIK says:

    Hi! I was watching the webinar too. During the presentation the submit statement about Full 30-day Money-back Guaranteed and if you like to contact them about money back guarantee you can call
    (516) 612-8898. I try that telephone number but not my surprise I get the message that “The Number You Reach Is Not In Service at this time”. I don’t think that is adding credibility to yours review and that new package maybe is scam site.

  2. Trevor Otts says:

    Donot buy I repeat donot buy donot buy. I own the product it does not work too buggy no support and doesn’t work with autoresponders

    • Johnny G says:

      wow..really?..I know Mikes programmer is great for stuff like this. Because its new, they must be working hard to get it resolved.