Simple Video Pro Review-WOWWZA REFUND?-Mike Lantz & Nick LaPolla

Written on:December 17, 2012
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Simple Video Pro, The Earth Shaketh…

Simple Video Pro ReviewIf you frequent Warrior forums, you have probably heard of Simple Video Pro by this duo: Mike Lantz and Nick LaPolla. You already know how this works right? I write the review, you read and decide for yourself if a product is a scam or not. Great! Now, that we are clear with that, let’s start. Well, let me give you a bonus information here, do you know that Mike Lantz is one of the most respected member in the Warrior Forums? It is quite frequently said that if he decides a product is good, and he launches it, the product changes the game forever (for the better quite frequently). Now is our time to decide if his product is good or not, so help me okay?

Simple Video Pro is a Video Marketing platform that enables online marketers like us to monetize our videos. Unlike other video players out there, this one has several features that are not present in the most popular video players (paid or not). So, what are these features I am talking about? I’m getting there, but let me just ask you a quick question (If you sell your products) how many times were your affiliates able to embed a link that goes directly to your landing page? Well, I’ll tell you what,  they can’t unless they upload the videos themselves right? So, there. The basic principles of this product are; Easy social media sharing with link embedding and integration in a click. I can hear most of you cheering. Wait, is that all there is? Well, there are more but let me throw another question at you (I know your answer will be a big no too). If you have tried to build a list, have you ever encountered a video platform that allows you to integrate your funnel or opt in page? Probably not. Well, if what Mike Lantz claims is accurate, with this one you can do that. Building your list through video curation can become easy through this (if it does what Mike says it does).

Here are some facts that you should probably know before you embark this ship. This is a WordPress plugin, something you need to install in your website. With that being said, you still need to attract traffic of visitors to visit your site. Now, once you have worked on that, you can fully take advantage of this product to the fullest. From emailing list creation to content syndication. Oh, by the way at this early people are congratulating Mike and Nick for coming up with this kind of product. If you’re intrigued as much as I am watch out for the actual launch this Saturday August 19, 2012. Again, like what I always tell you, it takes a lot of work to earn money online. Simple Video Pro Mike Lantz and Nick LaPolla is just another tool that equips you to win the online marketing battle that is happening. In a few more months, expect a more fierce battle. Get it >> here<<


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