Power SEO Ranker Review: NOT Your Usual Energy Drink!-By Bryan Green & Matt Green

Written on:October 18, 2012
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Power SEO Ranker: Not Your Usual Energy Drink!

Power SEO Ranker Review

Bryan Green & Matt Green

My dog died today, so I am not in the mood to be nice to anyone and I do not have plans to until the same day next week. So, I’ll be direct to the point. Today, we will review Power SEO Ranker (no, its not an energy drink.) This program is created and designed by the following people: Bryan Green, Matt Green and Ken McArthur, I haven’t heard of these people until I receive their newsletter this morning. So, I head over to their sales page and found their sales video, I think its steroid Turinabol the father and son talking. One thing that I immediately notice is how low the sound of their sales video is. (come on, if you want to sell something, make sure that they can hear you okay!) I doubt that this is a scam (trust me I’m good at this). I do not see anything new, to what they are selling though, nothing special, no bonus… just the Power SEO ranker.

How Does Power SEO Ranker Work?

It works like almost all SEO programs out there. What The father and son claims on the video is Power SEO Ranker is one of the few ways left to rank your site high in Search engines, and they also claim that this program follows the white hat techniques (meaning it’s okay in the eyes of search engines or should I say algorhythm?)  You know how Google wants to surprise website owners with their updates right? One day your website is number one, the next day you are completely sandboxed, admonished from the book of the Demi Gods in Google (I am furious, you are right!)

What Power SEO Ranker promises are backlinks, viable backlinks that can make your website rank high in SERP’s. This tool will also allow you to schedule campaigns for your backlinks creation, if you decide to add more to your old site or for your new site. It’s safe to assume that Power SEO ranker allows you to build backlinks in autopilot (if you are too lazy to do it manually). Another interesting feature is the Aged domain hunter (hunter is the name of my dog, by the way.) Which automatically finds profitable aged domains for you. If you are an online marketer, this one is for you. It comes with 2 membership plans.  There are no specified fees yet (nothing is free) and we will all find out when the program launches of May 31st (mark your calendars!)

If you have a website which was unindexed by Google for overly promoting (as what the God’s say), you can benefit from this tool. Meaning, you should move to white hat technique, the Power SEO Ranker only uses white hat SEO techniques (so they say.) But, like what I say each and everytime, do your own research and make time for your investments. Do not just buy something and think that you can just wait in your bed for your bank account to get fatter and fatter each day (you are not the owner of Apple or Microsoft or Facebook for crying out loud!) Do not expect that this program will think for you (cause it won’t FYI.) If you are serious in ranking high on SERP’s, buy the product and learn it, thoughtfully. Then you reap what you sow (another word of wisdom goes here…)


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