Passive Paydays 2.0 Review-LAZY MONEY?-Matt Benwell and Phil Benwell

Written on:December 8, 2012
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I am Lazy and Passive.. Passive Paydays Version 2.0

Passive Paydays 2.0 reviewI love my job, writing is something I do everyday and I love it, I love it so much I can write anything and everything under the sun. Writing requires someone to have a wide and playful imagination, it requires you to become trapped in your own thoughts, to become who you are. But, so is marketing… Marketing requires you to over emphasize and use over the top words to describe something… or someone… Okay, I received an invite today, i found it in my inbox, it came from some online marketers and Guru brothers Matt Benwell and Phil Benwell. The email grabbed my attention because of the subject line “Make $294.60 Per Customer By Promoting This TESTED “Done-For-You” Money Making Service!” I thought Wow! this is something…

As I open the Pandora Box I saw… Okay, that has nothing to do with this review, my lines are getting pathetic each day, I should read more Stephen King. Going back, as I opened the email, I saw bold letters and fonts in different colors, and on top it said Passive Paydays 2.0 it got more interesting when I saw the word passive. Let’s admit it, earning something “passively” without doing so much work would be great right? No crappy boss to shout at you or even employees who does nothing but whine all day, so I got more interested with that thought on my mind. But, what is Passive Paydays 2.0 and why I have not heard of the 1.0? According to the invite I received, this program is so in demand that people actually want it. I scrolled down a little bit more and I saw numbers, that’s when I lost interest in reading the email… I hate numbers. Note to online marketers selling something through emails or news letters or sales pages: Do not show us complicated mathematical equations, it just doesn’t convert well to sales.

SO I DID MY OWN RESEARCH (just to reiterate, I hate numbers specially if its not on my bank account)

Well, what I found out about Passive Paydays 2.0 is (I did a little research on 1.0 as well), its some software that automatically builds websites and these websites are focused on clickbanks, adsense and affiliate marketing (the whole shebang…). So once someone buys the software, he clicks some buttons and presto! the websites are built ready for business. All that person has to do, is wait for his earnings from clicks and sales conversion (this rarely happens in a perfect world.) Some Passive Paydays 2.0 reviews, say its a scam some say it worked for them. The Passive Paydays 2.0 “sales video” claims that this stuff has worked and they showed proofs (receipts, banks accounts, etc.) The program does not launch until May 21, 2012 (Monday at 9 AM EST). We won’t have an idea until we try the program for ourselves, so I am thinking this is a good marketing idea and program, let’s all find out if it will stand firm on its promise of profitability. One things for sure, passive or not, someone will definitely earn something from this.. I hope you get my drift…

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  1. Bob Sparling says:


    It’s 2013 and I received an email from a “guru” in the know who decided to let me know about THE OPPORTUNITY of 2013, Net Success Lab.

    After doing a little research on Net Success Lab, I discovered that Matt and Phil Benwell are associated with Net Success Lab, not good in my opinion.

    Back in 2011, I came across Passive Paydays, did as instructed, paid my money, and Passive Paydays failed to do for me as promised. I tried to get response from PP to no avail. They still have my money.

    I have little faith in the Benwell boys and certainly will not join Net Success Lab. They still owe me for the Passive Paydays venture.