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Written on:December 13, 2014
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Recently there has been much spoken about survey sites and how you can make money online doing simple filling out and copy and paste. While many have complained about certain things on the site, there are some who are making money. review

I have been on this site a couple of times over the last year or so, often worrying that what I started on was not genuine.

However, I have just received a payout for completing 26 (+ a couple of) offers. It does take a while, I had to have a couple of offers reset because some suppliers/promoters are not that efficient or honourable.

Now I am in receipt of over £1k for completing over 26 offers. I got paid for the extras that did eventually validate my offer.

This site is one of perseverance. I have been waiting over 6 months for the final few offers to be validated, but it did get there in the end.

So if you did register and start this, don’t lose hope – if you persevere it can produce a nice payout.

I’m not sure if it in fact works…but here is a video of someone who is actually making a lot of money doing this.

My recommendations on this opportunity is to be cautious, and tread at what you feel comfortable doing.

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