Micro Model Business System Review-14 DAYS FREE B.S?-Mike Filsaime Says..

Written on:November 11, 2012
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Micro Model Business System Any Good For Newbies?

Micro Model Business System review

NOT Mike Filsaime..

Mike Filsaime is officially back with Micro Model Business System, remember his last gig with Norman Freeman (not the actor). So, what would you want to know? Yeah, I feel you if you are asking if this is a scam, read through this review first and let’s find out together. If you are looking for a bonus, I think you are in for a treat with this one. The million question is, what does this program do? What makes it important and worth of your time (or mine?) To answer that question let me give you a riddle… No, I don’t have time for that, or I know any riddles (did I even spelled that right?)

Do you have an online business? Maybe not or, maybe like most of us you do and you want to be more successful online. If you have a business what do you sell, clue: you can’t start a business without selling something, it all boils down into selling something. In fact I am selling one of my kidneys to the highest bidder (that’s my main purpose in writing this article, no I’m kidding, my kidneys are overused.) Okay, I am overly being myself again, going back to Micro Model Business systems by Mr. Filsaime, this program helps hopeful online entrepreneurs build their own online business. Woah! Hold your horses. No,  Mike didn’t promise 30 grand a day, he reiterated that. So, what can one expect from this product? From what Mike claims, one thing you can be sure of is the hassle free (no technical knowledge required) website building. Not so original right? But this time it includes other things. One key feature is the access to training materials users will have. The biggest of these features is (if you do not have any product to sell), the pre-made product (choices), users can choose from in different niches. So, there won’t be a need to actually build a product from scratch, there are many to choose from. Which includes sales letters, landing pages, affiliate page, online carts, etc. That’s a lot, yes. But, can we trust Mike?

If you have used other online marketing products in the past, you can say that some of these features are already out there. But no product has these features all at the same time. Also, let me tell you that this product is being offered for a full 14 days for free (yes). I think this time frame is generous enough for you to make up your mind (unless you have multiple personality disorder like that guy in a John Cussack movie). Like I always tell you, I won’t decide for you, I’m not even here writing this to guide you. I am merely expressing my opinion and my knowledge about these products that I review. I won’t tell you not to buy this one vice versa. I am not a nice person, my emotional range is limited and (I am off the topic… again). How much would this thing cost you? $29/month, or $199 for one year, let me reiterate you get 14 days of free trial when you >> sign up <<for Micro Model Business Systems by Mike Filsaime.


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