Little Fish BluePrint-GEO-Local CRM Software-GOOD?

Written on:December 19, 2012
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 Little Fish BluePrint -SHARK-Like Software?

Little Fish Bluepint In HandHave you seen that Bluefish In Spongebob yet? As well..What’s your thoughts on swimming? I hate sands so… I am not much fan of beaches, but I like to see those nice curves so I go. Okay, before you accuse me of being inappropriate I’ll stop there. I was trying to write a great opening but I think I failed (shoot me an email if I did, I’d love to hear.) Anyway I started with that opening because it kind’a remind me of this weeks review. Little Fish Blue Print’s GEO-Local CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Do you love receiving free items? Well, Mr. Matt Bush (I don’t think he is related to the ex-president, don’t worry) wants to give away some free DVD’s (shipping and handling not included, it’s at $5.95), well, that’s not too much to pay for considering what the DVD contains (not porn!) Okay, do not think that this is a scam (for $5.95… not likely.) The DVD, like what Mr. Bush claims, contain the secret of his offline marketing success with local businesses.

WIIFM? (that stands for What’s in it for me?) Nothing much, just a few thousand dollars. Okay, do not quote me on this, I just picked it from GEO-Local CRM’s sales video — Matt claims that he has acquired the secret on offline marketing success. He claims that he has earned six figures in a year because of his offline marketing program. You know how the drama of sales pitch are, they will show you checks and bank account figures, it’s up to you if you want to believe or not. Okay, take note that the Little Fish Blue Print’s DVDs are almost sold out, so you have to hurry if you want to know what the secret is all about, it will just cost you $5.95 and if you are a hardcore (not porn!) online (or in this case offline) marketing person, this one is a must see, basing on how Matt’s sales video talks about the program.

So, what’s next?

Once you receive that DVD, watch it, I’m not sure what it will talk about and how it will pitch other programs and services for you to try. But from what I have read and seen from different sources, this program allows someone to take online and offline marketing to local businesses and get paid for it “lavishly” (I haven’t used this word for a long time and it almost hurt to type). But it does not stop with Little Fish Blue Print’s DVD, you have an option to take advantage of an online course (for a few hundred bucks.. which you can pay on installment, I can almost hear the guy on TV who sells unique and sometimes useless things, I’m not saying that this one is..)

Okay, really it’s up to you if you want the online course or not after you review the content of the DVD. Personally, I haven’t tried this program.. “Little Fish Blue Print” <<Interesting Resource I Found).. and I am not sure if they add any bonus or money back guarantee. Remember, with all types of business you have to dedicate your time and effort, money, just don’t appear in front of you magically (unless you live in a fairy tale world or you have an oil drilling company.) So, before signing up for anything evaluate your current state, will you be able to dedicate some of your time on this? If not why are you here in the first place?



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