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Written on:December 26, 2012
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Guru Product Blueprints For Newbies..& The Pro’s

Guru Product Blueprints review

NOT...Eben Pagan

So Eben Pagan is officially back thanks to Guru Product Blueprints! I thought the guy retired happily with his millions from his past gigs. So, let me ask you first, do you know the guy? If you know him, you can either be an online marketing extraordinaire or some random guy who was previously scammed by girls and found true love through the help of Mr. Pagan and his online “dating site”… Which one are you? No matter, you may have owed him once. So going back to the review I’m doing about this online marketing product. Have you experienced problems launching something online that you made yourself from scratch? Guess what? You are not alone, let me add a bonus information there…. You are not alone, and let me reiterate… You are not alone. Okay, I won’t type that the fourth time it kinda hurt my carpals. So, what does this program do? Do you need it and how much is it? To answer all these questions head down the paragraph below.

Okay, so you may have a little knowledge on what Guru Product Blueprint is, it’s a collection training materials (in PDF, videos and Webinar formats), tools, etc that can help you achieve what you wanted all along, sell your knowledge online in digital form. How many rubbish products have you seen around that are scamming people out of their hard earned money? When in fact you are an EXPERT a GURU on the topic (but, of course you won’t give out all the information you know for free right?) So, you wrote a book and you have it in ebook format, Unfortunately no one wants to print it and you don’t know how to sell your ebook online. So, you sulk up and forget about it. Well, my friend… This is your chance to start from scratch again and make your product the best in the market and make it sell like pancakes (shall I say coffee?). Alrighty, the program that Mr. Pagan wants to sell you revolves around this notion, his program and the tools  will assist you in making that product you yearn for years to author and sell online. If it works as advertised, you will go through 10 weeks of training and webinars with none other than himself, your highness (I only exaggerate a little) Mr. Pagan. He will give you the information you need on how to create your content, how to advertise it and how to sell it online, using the methods he have designed and used himself…

Of course, the details I am disclosing to you now are the information that I have learned and understood about the program.. As I always say, use the programs I review here at your own risk and of course, you should always do your own research (don’t be lazy my minions)… So, If I am an expert or a Guru on something (very important) and I do not have any templates, tools and knowledge on how to bring my own product online and sell it successfully, I may just go ahead and try this program… I said I may, this is completely hypothetical. However, at this time the only thing I am an expert at is sleeping and I know more people are better than me on this niche. LOL… So, what do you think about >>the program?<< By the way, pre-launch is on July 2 (this year 2012) and the launch starts July 17 and ends July 23rd. This sells for $1,997 (not the year before 1998 that’s the actual price). Did I forget anything else? I guess not, so when you’re done with the training, tell me what your experience with Guru Product Blueprints, alright? I’m off to bed now so… get off this page and back read on my other reviews.

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