Google Sniper 2 By George Brown … Will it still hit the spot this time?

Written on:October 7, 2012
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Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper 2 reviewA year ago George Brown launched Google Sniper with a bang, actually it was one of the most successful online marketing product out there at that time. Today, I this review is about its predecessor Google Sniper 2 (surprise, surprise). I understand you’re all thinking if this time, its a scam after all the algo updates by Google – the giant bully :). Anyway, let’s not talk about the all powerful and all stalking search engine company (lol). Here’s a bonus fact, George released a program in the past called Predator software (was this a flop?) were there complaints?. Going back, below you will find some vital information you need to know about this product that can help you make up your mind before entering your credit card information on a sales page.

Google Sniper build niche sites that earn money

Google Sniper 2.0 has the basic premise as the original one. The goal is for users to be able to build niche sites that earn money. How is this done? First of, through SEO. It’s very basic, in order to sell something, you’ll have to have people who wish to buy what you are selling; and the best way to be found is through search engines. So, basically Google Sniper 2 will teach users on how to build niche sites (specific to the users “niche” and target keywords). The same thing as the premise of the original sniper. In a longer explanation, if you opt to use this program, you need to 1. Build your niche sites (specific to your targeted keywords and niche). 2. Effectively rank your niche sites on Google. 3 Make people talk about your niche sites on social media, like Warrior forum.

Will these Google sniper sites be affected by the latest updates?

After the algo updates, it has become tougher to rank on Google.

This testosterone foods is true for everyone, no exemption. This is why Mr. George Brown added a couple of more videos for free download & advance SEO lecture on how to rank your sites this time after these updates. To give you a brief list of what your purchase will contain here they are able to login. Video training modules, PDF ebook ( 104 pages), Process maps (blue print on how to do what you have to do), outsourcing plan and a list of resources. These are lots of things you’ll need to read, watch and listen to very well for an effective and money generating game plan. For some users, you may have to redesign and rethink your campaign for obvious reason: It does not fit all campaigns, therefore for it to work you have to redesign the whole thing (this will also be taught).

George Brown

George Brown “The Google Sniper”

Final words: I know you’ve read this a lot of times in here, but I want to reiterate the importance of doing your own research and sharing your reviews here. These are more important than reading any reviews on the web. So, if you think you’re ready to hit your target go on and sign up for Google Sniper 2 by George Brown and don’t forget to share your experience.

Hey guys, thought I would do an add-on to this post, as there seems to be a lot of interest on this sniper strategy and if it still works with exact match domains.

Exact Match Domains Still Work

It’s my experience that this strategy is extremely effective and well worth the time to invest in such a program. We all know that Google constantly changes their algorithms, and come up with scare tactics to keep people from gaming the system, but many of these attempts are only scares to prevent abuse. I can assure you that exact match domains still work, but one must be very careful not to over optimize their post with too many of the exact match keywords, as this in itself could flip a Google switch causing your site to drop, and then you will hear complaints from the SEO community and the Warrior forum opportunists that Google is unpredictable once again, and that know one knows how it all works.

Don’t over optimize your posts

Everything in moderation, gone are the days where you could hammer EMD back links to your page, and it would rise in the SERPS. I’m sure the new improved Google Sniper 2.0 download course takes this into consideration, and when you download it, you will find that you must build your site as natural as possible, and with 100% unique content. Google isn’t looking for garbage anymore, but educational material, where people may get some value from the posts. Mix that all in with some very natural back-linking, using a mix of generic terms ,website URLs, and exact match and synonym variations to offset so you don’t get penalized.

My suggestion is that you get this Google Sniper 2.0 course, and think long term.

There has been very few Google Sniper complains, and returns, so that in itself tells me it might be a good fit, for newbies, and seasoned pro’s. Just don’t expect instant results, as with Google now, ranking takes longer then usual, but like that story we all once read, slow and steady always wins the race. Get your copy here

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