Gold Rush 2012-Preston Ely & Matt Wallace Bring You REAL Gold?

Written on:December 1, 2012
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Gold Rush 2012: Is Everyone Rushing For The Gold?

Gold Rush 2012Gold Rush 2012, sounds like a movie right? No, its not (but, there will be some sort of videos to watch). Gold Rush 2012 is a money making program (scheme?) in the collaboration of Preston Ely and a guy named Matt Wallace. So, I received an email invite to take part of this great program, and I know you guys are waiting for my ever trusted review for Gold Rush 2012. So, if you have already read the sales page and saw the magnitude of bonus content you’ll get for signing up, you may have said at some point while reading the sales page “it’s a scam”. Let’s not pass our judgement easily, let’s dissect the information at hand and draw  logical and neutral arguments, from which we will  draw our untainted, no malice conclusion (I’m playing with you here, a little.)

Gold Rush 2012 is like a complete set of learning materials for the masses or for anyone who is interested in “flipping” gold. So cut the story short this program will give you some information on how to buy scrap gold at low price from unsuspecting people (those who are not aware of how much their stuff are worth) and sell it at a higher price. It’s like ripping off people legally (no, im not angry, just stating the fact). So, Preston Ely and Matt Wallace are selling you (for $97 I believe) their trade secrets in flipping gold and selling it to a higher price. The program contains written materials, some videos teaching buyoemsoftonline you tips and tricks on how to buy gold and other precious metals and stones at a lower price. We all know how the inflation has affected all of us, in fact most of us are jobless and waiting for some miracles (in video form that would teach us how to make easy money.) I think this is the miracle, but it’s not for everyone specially for those people who are too cautious and think that everyone will scam them. 🙂

I like how the story between Matt and Preston started (almost a love story), so Preston was there in starbucks with his laptop (Note to starbucks: We love the coffee and the free internet, keep it up!) Matt saw Preston and greeted him (Matt is a big Preston Ely Fan, I’m not sure if Preston Ely is that famous). To cut the story short, Preston saw Matt buy some gold from an unsuspecting lady who is not wise enough to know the value of the stuff she sold. Preston asked Matt, what he is doing and since Matt is a big Preston fan he spilled the beans and taught Preston the secret. A perfect plot for a movie right? On a serious note though, Gold Rush 2012 is true to its promise, many people will earn gazillion dollars from this program… For me though, it’s too good to be true and probably only a handful of people will be able to fully utilize the secret gold flipping properly. But who knows? That $97 you spend on this can be the start of your dream…Let me know your thoughts, and if you sold your Gold recently… How was the experience..Place a comment or review below, and I’ll get to it, when i’m done doing what I do..

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  1. Ivan says:

    I bought the program, but dont know how to get to the login page, could you send me a link, thanks