Get Free Commissions Review-SOUNDS LIKE HYPE-Are Winter & Andrew X Real?

Written on:December 14, 2012
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Get Free Commissions- Free & Commisions…Contradicting No?

Get Free Commissions reviewEver wanted free traffic into your site all day long? Well, that’s easy, according to Andrew X and Winter the creators of  Get Free Commissions it can be done through the use of this marvelous search engine defying program. The cool part is (I said cool, not scam! I’m drooling), this software allows to list up to 15 different websites for the same owner to send traffic to (If you are a JV this is a good pitch to get people buy the product and you ending up with those bonuses).Going back, according to these folks, what this program does is drive free traffic into a website (like magic, but I concur there is some science behind this). Indulge yourselves a little here, what if it’s possible to get high traffic into your site, without the need of ranking high on search engine result pages? What if this can be done by a single software, that does all the tasks automatically ? Enough with all the questioning and let’s get on with my review on Get Free Comissions (Winter and Andrew X are not part of the X-Men or Justice League fyi).

So, most of you may ask, what’s the catch? The catch is there is a one time fee (Not much don’t panic. The bigger catch is there’s not much of information about the program yet). The creators of this software call the technology total traffic automation, which means the program does all the dirty work. All you have to do is click on some buttons and tell the software where to send the free traffic (I know, this sounds too good to be true, but it’s all true as much as what the sales page told me. Again, there is not much information on the sales page so, don’t dwell on it too much.) If you are an internet marketer wanting to dominate your niche, it can be as easy as clicking on some buttons to get all that traffic you need to run your business, but is it true, can it really do that, and bring you gold? I’d like to give you a direct answer to that question, but my awesomeness is still waiting for an access to the program.  For now imagine the more difficult alternative:Ranking high in organic searches for your keywords in Google. That’s a sad truth no internet marketer should endure, unfortunately we all do (sad truth, evil truth).

As you all know ( I hate it when I sound like your mother), internet marketing or any other type of marketing for that matter, requires real work. With that being said, not all lazy people are lucky enough (I know one) and ends up a millionaire, unless you are in politics or Mark Zucherberg, but that’s another story (horrifying story). If you want your business to grow, you have to work (really hard) and  you won’t put your business in the hands of a software (this is a metaphor, please stop trolling).

So, what do I reckon about Get Free Commisions? I think this program has a great potential if it does what the creators said it does. For now, I think its not something that you can dwell on, until you have more information on how it works and how it gets the traffic it’ll send your website (I’ve used the phrase don’t dwell on it much twice now, that’s a clue. If you’re drifting me). Here’s what you may end up with Scenario 1. You get the free traffic thanks to the program  and dance while it’s raining manna on your roofs. Scenario 2. You may still end up doing your SEO assignment and hope that Google does not think of your website as something not worthy enough to be on the top of search results (bad, Google).

If your website was slain by the Panda, this program is a good alternative to get a higher volume of traffic for the mean time (again, if it works), while you build your rank again to dominate your niche and to tell Google you ain’t stopping because the people who run Google think that algorithms is a cool way in slaying and taking away the livelihood of website owners. That’s my thought. Hey, do me a favor, remember that window you x’d on a while back to read this content? That’s the truth and you have to see that. Do yourself a favor and watch that video. I’m outta here!

UPDATE: Looks like this product is NOT living up to it’s expectation.. With a 66% refund rate noted by one affiliate, It is showing signs of a NOT so good product. 10 purchases…nearly 7 refunds.. I would stay away from this one.

If you want solid info, and programs that will help you on your online journey, simply exit this page, and wait for the video popup… You will get a little freebie and some good, solid information.

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