Futuristic Marketing Review-FACEBOOK SUCKS?- Unless You're Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson

Written on:October 9, 2012
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Futuristic Marketing – Another Facebook Inspired Product?

Futuristic Marketing Audi

Futuristic Marketing Audi

How far would you go to know that secrets to internet marketing? Are you ready for Futuristic Marketing (Twilight Zone’s theme song playing in the background)? Okay, don’t think of this as nanotechnology, quantum science and the like. I think that is too futuristic for Mr. Jonathan Budd and his business partner Mr. Mark Hoverson. You know, I have not really heard of Mr. Budd until he launched that Facebook program of his, Double Lead. Some people thought it was just another scam, you know how every “Guru” out there leverage on the social networking hype going on? Well, turns out that there were people who went through the whole Double Lead thing and got positive results, others were not as lucky. Bonus fact, a forum went crazy when one guy accused Mr. Budd as a scam (Google it and judge for yourself). Anyway, let’s move on to the topic at hand and how this program works.

Okay, before anything else let me give you the scheduled launch of this program on July 16th a free marketing test and some video (I guess this is to gauge the readiness of prospective buyers for futuristic marketing, if I am right this will be for free).

Futuristic Marketing Program

Futuristic Marketing Program

The next part of the program is Futuristic traffic module this happens on July 18th (8 modules discussing traffic tactics). Futuristic influence comes next on July 20th (includes 8 modules on how to maintain your online influence, complete with coaching and all). Futuristic Marketing comes next on July 23rd (another set of modules that will coach you on how to effectively use the software included in the program for your marketing). Then you decide on July 25th to August 1st, if you want to use the earn money online program or not, this is the time you buy the whole thing. I know, these information are too much to grasp at the same time LOL. Okay, here is how this program works, remember Facebook the social networking site? This program takes advantage of that site, so instead of taking out your readers into your external site, everything happens inside the FB instead. What I mean by this is the software that is partnered with this program work inside Facebook. Yeah, I wrote Facebook several times and its hurting me too (lol). So, how does Top Older Men Dating with Younger Women – Websites Online Reviews. this translate to you as an online entrepreneur? If you sell something online, with a few clicks of a button, you can create a funnel for hot leads, integrate your cart, your video pitch, sales page and everything else in a single page on Facebook and translate your readers into buyers. Sounds simple right? But of course, as the person that I am there are still doubts in me, if this program is going to succeed, I understand that Jonathan Budd and his friend have a following and if he can translate this following into sales, I think their good. By the way, they are giving away a car (not just any car but the Audi, the same one that the character in Iron Man drives). Yeah, if he is giving that car away, I want it.. But, I want a new plane or yacht  instead.

Okay, looking back at the track record of the mastermind of this program (from nothing into becoming an internet hero), I think that’s proof that he

Futuristic Marketing Review

Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson

knows what he is doing (I hope not by scamming people). Anyway, he also previously launched other internet marketing gigs, which were high converting. One is what I have mentioned above the Double Lead and the 7 Figure Networker the latter is still available online. So, like what I said, he chronicles his story as being a 21 year old geek who does not know what he wants in life. So, his previous program, 7 Figure Networker, this program is something that helps you how find leads to sell your products online. We have seen this types of programs in the past, telling you how to make new hot leads everyday and selling whatever your product is online. I concur, if you have more leads that you can handle (no? maybe I was talking about a different product). So, if you have dream big and you have so many things to think about each day, won’t a good marketing product cut the crap out of your life? Yes, I am against 100% to laziness but if there is something that can make a difficult job to be performed more easily, why not right? I can only surmise and think how many relationships will be saved. But if the program really worked, then work hours must have been cut to up to 50% which translates to 4 hour free time for everyone. Sounds nice but horrible if you do not have other things to do (thought: check on your friend’s FB and prank them).

Okay, before I become too cheesy, let me tell you a story, five days ago I was playing an online game and I like it a lot (no, not the flash games in FB). So, I was doing the best I can to protect my base, until booom power interruption. You know how many things in a household relies on electricity right? So, technologically speaking, it won’t be possible for me to play games. No power means no games. I was depressed until the power went back. Is that something to be worried about, am I psychologically ill now? If anyone of you are gamers too, you’ll know what I mean… Like your life has become pointless and that you feel your life support has been cut off. I am not someone whose attention is long, in fact I cannot fix on things really long, but this game is different. I can’t even tell you the name of the game yet since it is in the BETA stage. But it’s nice. Anyway, thank you for going through this review, if you sign up for Futuristic Marketing, let me know so I we can chronicle your experience okay? >>-Watch Video



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