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Written on:December 18, 2012
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Fast Fire Sites- The Web Is A Battlefield..This Tool Will Help!

Fast Fire Sites reviewOkay, so by now one of you is probably a beta user of Fast Fire Sites and looking for a credible review (which involves bad french and some bashing)…  So, the brains behind this program are the following people, Brian Koz And Shawn Casey. If you have seen the sales video, you have probably thought this is another scam, promising free traffic and what not. Before we give any verdict to this program, lets collect ourselves. Let us let go of the thoughts about the great bonuses that was promised to us by online marketers which were utterly invented facts to lace us with delusions that their products actually work, when in fact it just gave us hours and hours of frustration and heartbreak at the end. Let’s be objective this time and see the good that we may accumulate through the use of this program. As you are well aware, I do not take my reviews lightly and I try to be as objective as possible each time (no, not really).

To continue where I left off, let me tell you how Fast Fire Sites work. If you know a little bit about SEO, you may have heard of “On Page SEO” and the crap related to that. It’s very important that you optimize the content on your website or blog so you can rank for the keyword that you are trying to rank for. What does this relate to Fast Fire Site? With this program you do all these optimization stuff through its interface. You start with keyword research, the program will display suggested “exact match keyword” with the number of searches on Google and how many your competitors are there for that term. Keep in mind that Google (as greedy as it has become) wants to send websites free traffic as long as the content on a website has the keyword, properly organized and work within the bounds of ethical SEO (Don’t show me your black magician hat, this time please). So, you may be asking, what does this program offer that other programs offer? Well, 2 things it will help you build your site and optimize your content, it will also allow you to see the birds view of the battlefield before you join the war (this is a metaphor relating to search engine results, don’t take everything literally please.) What I am not sure of, is if all the things that program focuses on give that assurance that your website will rank accordingly to get a number of clicks to supplement your income ( rank high enough is what I mean by this.)

What else will you get from this program by Brian Koz And Shawn Casey? Besides the free search engine traffic, you will receive training materials and customer service for life, that is if you sign up before the beta tester sign up ends, remember this program has already launched.
Why am I not bashing this program? Because the sales video is not talking in incomprehensible, pretentious and empty promises. On their sales page you will actually see how the program works before you make that purchase, Fast Fire Site leveraged on showing facts and not a plot of a fairytale. Sayonara, I’m building a new site 🙂

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  1. steve says:

    so it would be great to see , now were are in october , some result
    that are fact based , by your now 4 months or so experience of it
    as you did rate it 5 star
    how much money has it earn u , what has been its benefits ??

    awaiting your kind reply