Exit Plan Profits Review-WORTH MONEY OR NOT?-Chris R says…

Written on:January 21, 2012
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Exit Plan Profits-Is This The Entrance To Being A Millionaire?

Exit Plan ProfitsHave you seen the Exit Plan Profits video that was launched recently? For a moment there I felt sorry for the guy, I think he is Chris R. So, the story goes like he was scammed out of everything, he sold his cars, house and had to scour the couch for some money to buy food for his kids (I wish I have the same couch, with money to buy food, my couch is not interested in coins though). For now let me tell you something about the program mentioned above through this review. By the way, there is some sort of bonus that the creator is giving away if you sign up, my hunch is it could be some type of training materials. So, what if you were in the same position (most of us are I think)? What would you do?  If I was in the same position, I’d sell everything I own too, but  lets not talk about being without any money, let’s talk about how to make money here for one second.

By now I think some of you have gone through that sales video and have seen the tremendous amount of money Chris R is earning through his program. Let’s discuss that and its authenticity. Okay, so he could not have photoshopped the screen shots of his earnings, cause if he did bad things are going to happen with his affiliate account, right (some people who did experience bad things). Exit Plan Profits revolve on the idea that before a possible customer leaves your webpage, you take his or her email and send the customer on his way to a portal (sales page) where they can buy a content or unlock a freeware or what-have-you. So, what makes this program profitable?  Well, that’s where email marketing comes in, giving you access to potential customers or repeat customers. The thing is, you have to advertise your email portal (I’m blushing because of this word).  Exit Plan Profits will also include some manuals and learning materials on how you can make profit through the information you gather through your email portal.

Also, the author says this program is as simple as copy and paste and will only take 27 minutes of your time daily, most of use would like that right? Money rolling in daily and doing as minimal work as possible (the world is getting lazier each day, but Bill Gates will hire lazy people according to one of his most famous quote, unfortunately Mr. Gates has retired and living lavishly while giving away his billions to people.. I am beginning to like him).  Why do you think people like Mr. Gates are giving away their money like that (I think its the right thing to do, if literally sold billions worth of “problematic software” LOL). Anyway, going back to the topic at hand, with free email hosting services like Gmail and Yahoo being more concern with spam, how do you think this program will manage that and make your emails “unspammable” before it even reaches the inbox of your target customers? Beats me… Let me know if you have Exit Plan Profits and have earned money through it successfully….


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