Constant Cash Machine Review-MONEY MAKER?- or Is Melford and Concetta Bibens Lying?

Written on:December 3, 2012
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Something Smells Like Tuna…But Maybe You Like Fish?

Constant Cash Machine review

Melford and Concetta Bibens

Okay, I went to Constant Cash Machine’s website today and I found this very interesting video presentation… Actually I got bored, with it… But I got through it… I got through it, because the guy reading the script seemed convinced with what he is selling and I like this fact. The point of the Constant Cash Machine’s presentation is how someone can make money by a five click a day system which only requires 5 minutes of your time a day… I’m not sure why five mouse clicks can take 5 minutes (slow Internet I guess)… Well, anyway I remember when I was still working with AT&T as a tech support rep, an old lady called me up crying. I asked her how I can help her, she told me she wants AT&T to pay for her new computer since the AT&T guys who installed her Internet broke it. I asked how was it broken, it won’t turn on she replied. I asked her, do you have a laptop or a desktop. I have a COMPUTER on a desktop, she almost shouted at me. I said uhmm okay. Is it plugged in (to the power source)? She answered: NO! its plugged in to your AT&T box with lights, that’s where it gets the electricity, you are not helping me at all! She shouted at me. So there I was sitting at my station thinking about my future as a tech support rep. I almost cried blood, the lady hung up, I was not able to help her, maybe she figured I am not knowledgeable enough to fix her “broken computer”. What is the moral of this story and how does it even matter? You know the answer to this really… If you are an internet marketer and you have something to sell, you are in a better position than those people who answers phone calls from “difficult customers”.

So, how does the Constant Cash Machine program work?

I can’t really give you any specifics about this program right now,except that a couple Melford & Concetta Bibens are behind it, and based on their presentation, it works like this: you will have to use a program or software which chooses an affiliate program for you, once the product has been chosen a website will be built (automatically)… This is almost scary… Everything is done for you automatically. With just a few button clicks from you. Of course, you have to pay some fees (but no one knows how much yet until May 14th of this year).

What’s in it for us?

Lot’s of money… but not in millions, the author of the program said around one hundred thousand dollars plus in a year… But to be honest, I suggest that you set your expectations fairly, if the author of the program is already earning this much in a year, why would he share it with the masses? hmm… more profit I guess… It’s funny all I can do is guess at this point… But let’s face it, the program seems legit and when I search the Internet for (via Google who only think about itself) “Constant Cash Machine”, everyone is waiting for it… Let’s all find out what this scheme is all about when it comes out… Until December 21, 2012 (oops wrong date) I meant May 14, 2012 let’s all hold our breaths. Ciao!

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  1. richard denniston says:

    This useless crap is just a new name for `Mass Profit Sites“ which I wouldn`t even use to wipe my ass with! Melford and Conetta Bibens are are one of the largest con teams on the net. Google up MPS and read all the suckers that got rip off. Clickbank does`t sell their junk anymore. They also don`t refund. They just change the refund ticket to support. They should be in jail.

    • Johnny G says:

      Love your passion… I will allow this post, Im sure many feel like you and want to be heard. There you go…your voice is out in the Internet. sorry about your misfortune though…

  2. marie says:

    i need to know if i can get a refund from constant cash machine, the program isnt working and i just want my money back