Commission Cash Code Review-Who Is Ronnie M. Again?

Written on:December 6, 2012
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Commission Cash Code- My TWO & Half Cents..

Commission Cash Code reviewDear Avid Readers,

Today, I realized my calling. Some of you may say that I am a scam, writing reviews to ride the traffic these marketing products create. Let me clear my name, first and foremost I didn’t say that Commission Cash Code is black hole, I never mentioned that in any of my writing and I do not have any intention to. Contrary to any of the stipulations made by people out there to break my credibility which soared astronomically  (thanks to my imagination), I must say that these claims are all fabricated and with malicious intent. I’m kidding you here no one’s creating a stir, I just want to wake you up a little (Come on, don’t get mad.) 🙂 So, today I’m feeling upbeat, thanks to that cup of instant coffee I drank on my way home. I received an email invite from Commission Cash Code, and I saw that there are lot’s and lot’s of bonus for people who will sign up for the program. But before you do so, please read through this review to make sure this is what you need. Just like what my mentor always say, help people help themselves so, this is me helping you.

So you’re asking what does Commission Cash Code do? This web based program was designed by an EX Google Engineer in the name of Ronnie M. The logic behind this program is to ride the traffic created by Facebook’s members, in short it will create massive traffic for your site, through FB. Actually, that’s all the information out there. The sales page is too vague with how the program works and how it taps FB’s traffic. How come these online marketing geniuses don’t give me access to their program before they launch? Anyway, Ronnie M (does anybody know his last name, comment below if you do). Remember the guy behind Success with Anthony? Well, he supports this program 100% as well as other top affiliates. So, does that mean this product really work? Let’s wait for its launch on June 11th and find out.

If you have been an online marketer for a long time, you may have noticed the trend among these products, most of the time it targets generating traffic. I am not against this really, but if your website content is gold and awesome (just like this website), then people will flock into your website and overload your server. But, we all know that traffic is money and money makes the world go round… Back to the topic, another thing to consider is the upgrades available through Commission Cash Code, one upgrade allows user access to a program (physically installed in computers) which ranks your website on SE’s (ingenious right?) Well, that’s all the time I have for today. Tomorrow is another day and I hope when I check my email, one of these top affiliates send me access to their programs for unbiased (sometimes sarcastic) review. Ciao!


Johnny G.

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P.P.S. I just want this post to look like a sales letter 🙂
P.S.P.S. I’m Trolling… LOL

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