Coffee Shop Millionaire-Is Anthony Trister ADDICTED To Cafeine?

Written on:December 24, 2012
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A cup of coffee and you are a millionaire in 3 easy steps or not?

Coffee Shop Millionaire reviewThe problem with coffee is, it takes that hours of sleep from you. Well, that’s a good thing if you have so many things to do. That was a bad opening isn’t it? I was looking for a an unbiased reviews on coffee shop millionaire, and I saw one, only it was too short to draw any information from. If you haven’t heard of Coffee Shop Millionaire yet, let me tell you I had the best time watching their sales video today. I thought, woah! is this another scam? Well, this is too early to tell you, so please read on. Before I forget there are several affiliates who sell this program and it hasen’t been kicked out of Clickbank, so that is a good thing…meaning his screenshots etc are 100% legit!

So, have you ever gone to Starbucks during the morning of a weekday? Don’t, brew your own coffee at home, if you don’t want to be late for work, unless your work is in Starbucks! Well, going back, Anthony Trister who started the Coffee Shop Millionaire claims that at one point of using the program, he earned 700 thousand dollars in ONE day! I don’t buy that, do you? Okay, this is not a destabilization plot so I will continue with the review. Sorry, but what I don’t understand is, why Anthony Trister, named the program this way (does it sound more socially relevant this way? Than, let’s  say he named it as the garage millionaire or, the couch millionaire?)

I want to fast forward Anthony Trister’s sales video, but there was no option to. I had to listen to him talk about how Coffee Shop Millionaire is the start of a revolution to sell online or to promote something, in short the best way to earn money online by being an affiliate. Anthony says, that this program produces mega income, which he gave a definition of as earning millions of dollars in a single calendar month (sounds nice right? but like all sales videos, this one does not really  get into the point of how the program works.) So, at some point you will just feel very bad in watching the video and you just want to shut down your computer completely. I’m not being pessimistic, what I am saying is, it would be great if stop showing us pictures of people in coffee shops, we have seen a lot of those already and start walking us through on how his program works.

But, what I like the most with how he pitched his program is by showing his earnings live (not so many has done this before.) He didn’t  just show pictures of checks or screenshots! Anthony actually logged into his clickbank account and showed his monthly earnings. It was modest ( I can’t find another term), nothing bigger than 6 thousand dollars. But, that I must say is impressive enough to try, right? So, Anthony Trister have talked about earnings in auto pilot, stressing on how he did not work (even for a minute for the earnings he showed.) At some point, you will question how this world is unfair, people earning bigger money than those who actually do work (but, that is another sorry, on a different blog, in a different world than ours.)

If you want to earn money in autopilot, sign up for Coffee Shop Millionaire. The most important thing to remember here though is they have a 60 day money back guarantee so, you do not have anything to lose, all you need to do is promote a product and get the commissions monthly. There are several Coffee Shop Millionaire reviews out there saying that this program is a scam, but for me, it’s not. Why? He was brave enough to log in to his clickbank account and showed his earnings, LIVE! So, if you have been an affiliate for many years and never earned dollars in thousands by promoting products online, Coffee Shop Millionaire may just be your cup of tea (or coffee in this case). So, go ahead and sign up for this program from any affiliates who sell it. You have nothing to lose and all to gain with the 60 day money back guarantee. Remember like what I always say, you have to do some work. Do not think that your bank account will magically show millions if you use this program and do virtually nothing, that’s farce (but not funny at all). Get outta here and do some work! ‘Til next time…

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