Chronic Profits Review-CALEB ABRAMS FAKE?- Pot Head Makes Big Money…

Written on:December 16, 2012
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Is Chronic Profits Rehashed?

Chronic Profits

Caleb Abrams

Chronic Profits by Caleb Abrams,  is launching today August 16, 2012. The similarities of the previous launch (chronic commissions) and this one is undeniable. If you have signed up for the former launch, you’ll know that it made at least $3 million. So, is this a scam or a legit product to enhance your online marketing campaigns? What bonuses should you expect (if any?). Let’s all find out in this review. Before anything else, who is this Caleb Abrams guy? Well, from what he claims he was just an average beach bum guy, who’s all out for fun and no work (sometimes I wonder, what happened to the world we live in?). If you’re curiosity has been stirred by these thought  you may want to go on ahead and find some truths about this product this guy is talking about.

So, if you are already a satisfied customer of Caleb’s previous launching the Chronic commissions I must say they have the similarity. Chronic Profits take the same notion as with chronic commissions. “You’ll need money, to make money”, sounds just right correct? How does this thing work anyway? Well, like what I have said, you’ll need to shell out some money for someone to share their list to you. Once you have that list, you will email them and tell them about your site. Once these people visit your site (of course), you’ll get a chance to get their details (emails) and pitch in your product or other products that you are endorsing. But, instead of working for this to happen the Chronic Profits software does it for you, automatically with 5 clicks on your mouse. Sounds fascinating right? (If it’s real).

If you have  a product to sell or endorse (and get commissions from), this product will, (1.) give you access to their promotion program. (2.) All your promotion is done to you automatically. (3) Attract traffic for you. (4.) Give you a snapshot of all your stats (personalized stats, I must say.). So, what do you need to do? Well, you need a clickbank ID (and all types of affiliate accounts to build your campaigns). After that, (as what Chronic Profits maker claim, everything will be a breeze and done for you, automatically.). One thing that intrigues me though, is the fact that their sales page showed clickbank account snapshots. I wonder, why is this product not being sold through clickbank? Any clues? Just like most marketing products out there, this one promises less work, few clicks and you get all the money that you dream off. If this is a metaphor, I’ll say their software is a money machine. If there are truths about the claims of Mr. Caleb Abrams, then that’s good. This is sold through Clicksure at $49.95. Like what I always say the decision to buy a marketing product like this is ultimately based on your research, your gut feeling.

If you think chronic profits is for you,>> buy it << and write down your reviews below about your experience. We’ll wait for that!

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