CarMD Car Diagnostic Tool Review-WORTH MONEY?- Car Doctor Says…

Written on:December 13, 2012
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CarMD Review-LOVE The Idea!

CarMD Car Diagnostic ToolWow, seems like ages since I wrote my last review. I know you guys missed me, this is going to be a quick review (like a Ferrari) so, we can catch up about my personal life (Lol). Speaking of Ferrari (I currently do not have one..)BUT, here is something I would get right away.. Have you heard of Car MD? Okay, if you haven’t let me explain what this product does. It’s a car diagnostic tool which lets you check on the condition of your car’s engine, so if you see your car’s check engine light blinking (like crazy) recently, you may want to check your car’s overall health using Car MD. Okay, some of you may have doubt on this product already, or some looking for some type of bonus when you use the product (yeah, I wish there were bonuses too.)

So, Car MD lets you diagnose your car’s health by just plugging in the device in a car port (depending on which model you have) and it will extract some information from your car’s on board computer and make diagnostic reviews on which part is broken, needs replacement or repair. If you’ve been ripped off before for a car repair (all of us have been at one point), this product will ensure that you won’t be again. So, once CarMD extracts the information from your car’s onboard computers, all you have to do is connect the device into your computer (works both on Mac and Windows) and wait for the report. The report (very seen on will contain details like, which car parts need replacement and repair and how much it usually costs to have that done (booya! less chances of being separated from that dollar). What blew my mind with their offer is their 3x savings guarantee, which means if you do not save at least 3 x on your usual car repair in one year, they will give you full refund on the product (sounds like I’m convinced right? hmm maybe.) Also, if you plan on buying a second hand car, you can hold on to your money until you know what the history of the car is, like which parts went a repair and what parts of it were replaced. If you are a “safety first person” car md can also be of a great help to ensure that your car is roadworthy and does not compromise your safety and the passengers in your car.

Other than the information above, I guess, there is no much thinking required specially if you have multiple cars and your car repair bills are piling up. Car MD sells for $119.85 but you can split the payment with their 3 pay plan, customer care is within reach by calling their toll free customer hotline. What else did I forget? Oh, yeah what did I do this past few days? I was on the internet all day reading through internet MEME’s and some other funny stuff, I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms right now. If you are a YOLO too, shoot me an email I’ll send link, for now see Car MD’s details >> on this website << (Special Fathers day price..Hurry!)  ….Bye for now


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