A Look At Different Types Of Mobile Marketing

Written on:December 8, 2012
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Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is a fairly new type of marketing that has recently become quite popular. With so many new mobile devices available on the market, this is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your customer base. The insider information in this article will look at all of the different methods of mobile marketing to customers. This by all means is not a definite list, but a great place to learn about common types of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing itself is a pretty broad term covering many ranges of different types of marketing for portable devices. The most common type of mobile marketing that people will find is SMS based, which means that a given company will send out text messages to consumers about company relevant information. This will only work for smartphones, but it is a quick way to let customers know about insider information such as promotions, discounts and sales. Make sure you provide a quick way for people to unsubscribe from these messages by texting, “STOP”.

Quick response codes or more commonly referred to as QR codes are a popular choice for many companies. This form of marketing gives customers the chance to scan the code and access a mobile version of a company’s webpage. QR codes can only be scanned if the mobile device you are marketing to has the capability of scanning bar codes. Creating QR codes online is quite easy and free. Website such as give you the chance to insert your intended website’s URL and choose an output type. The output result will be a code that consumers can scan.

Mobile applications or apps for short, give the business owner a foolproof way of delivering marketing messages to any individual. Create an app for your business that people can download. These apps should be free and used not only for marketing purposes, but for getting messages across to consumers. Use these apps to display mobile banner ads from your company. The more people download and use your apps, the higher your chances of someone clicking your banner ads.

Pay-per-call marketing or sometimes referred to as click-to-call has just recently taken flight and become a popular choice for marketing. This particular form of mobile advertising reaches out to the customer through phone calls. When a smartphone user searches online for a company or specialty products, their default search engine will display the company’s information. This information will include usually a name, address, website and most importantly, a phone number. The pay-per-call marketing is then put to good use when the phone user clicks on the phone number to make a phone call. It is much like the pay-per-click advertising gimmick that many companies used years ago, except the phone user is making a call instead.

Mobile marketing is a quick and effective method of reaching out to millions of consumers across the globe. There are plenty of common forms of mobile marketing to choose from in order to maximize profits. It is entirely your decision which form of mobile marketing works best with your company!

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