3X Social Review-SOCIAL CRAP?-By Don Crowther

Written on:December 17, 2012
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3x Social-Making Money With Social..

3x social review3x social by Don Crowther is launching on August 21, 2012. Are you on board, or still thinking about joining since the last product you bought scammed you? Anyway, right now, he is giving away some bonuses if you give him your email that is. Basically, we are in the same situation,  I will review this product and give you some insights on what it does and what you should expect. After that, you decide for yourself, so let’s start.

What is 3XSocial all about? This program is the continuation of Mr. Crowther’s previous product launches (which he claims are successful enough to pay $3 million dollars in commission). Anyway, if his previous product launches were successful, this product can be something worth looking into, so I did just that. Remember social media? Facebook, twitter and everything else… The premise of this program is you can use those to make money online. We are not talking about just a few dollars, but an income enough to give you and your families comfortable lives (note: politicians promise the same thing). Are you still with me? Good.

Unlike other product he says focuses on 3 strategies on how to earn money through social media (with minimal work possible). So, what should you expect to get from this guy? Well, you will get access to 3 modules, the first one will explain how you can leverage your following in social media and convert your large following to sales. The second module moves you from learning into practice, so by the second module, you’ll probably expect to sell some of your products online through the laid out strategies mentioned in module one. Module 3 is going a review of your strategies and the effectiveness of your “learning” in the application of the knowledge you just have learned from the modules.

What I can say is, the outline of what the product does is very simple, it will teach you some techniques, walk you through how to convert your followers into sales and point out your strategy mistakes and what to improve on. The question is, do these strategies apply to all  online marketers situation? Are these modules enough to improve existing online marketing strategies that most social media marketers use? Will this integrate or fight with existing processes? The answer to that is when someone with existing processes tries this product (If you are will you send us some love by leaving a review below?). Anyway, let me tell you something about products like this one. Fact: Not all training products will have all the information you need. Some will contain all fluffs and at some point it would seem like reading the Twilight series is a more fun thing to do. Remember, not all Gurus who claim to be Marketing Gurus are for real. Some are just like me and you, people who does not know what we are actually doing. But you learn in time, through the help of online marketing friend and legit online marketing products. So, If you are convinced that Don Crowther’s 3X Social is your lifeboat,>> ride fast << since their cart won’t stay open forever.


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